Fygi's Seamless Integration with Reitan Convenience's Northland Concept

Fygi is proud to collaborate with Reitan Convenience, a leading innovator in the convenience store industry, to enhance their latest venture, Northland. As a technology provider, Fygi specializes in delivering seamless solutions that streamline operations and elevate customer satisfaction.


Reitan Convenience sought to introduce Northland, a concept designed to evolving needs of modern consumers. Northland required advanced technological solutions to facilitate smooth transactions and optimize the overall shopping experience. Integrating diverse functionalities, such as mobile-based Scan & Pay and Mini Self-Checkout Stations (SCO), presented a unique set of challenges that demanded innovative solutions.

Fygi's Solution:

Fygi collaborated closely with Reitan Convenience to develop a technological ecosystem tailored to the specific requirements of the Northland concept. Leveraging our expertise in mobile commerce and point-of-sale (POS) systems, Fygi delivered a robust solution that seamlessly integrates with Reitan Convenience's existing infrastructure, including their POS provider, EG.

Mobile-Based Scan & Pay:

Fygi's Scan & Pay solution empowers Northland customers to effortlessly scan items using their mobile devices, facilitating swift and hassle-free transactions. By eliminating the need for traditional checkout queues, this feature enhances convenience and expedites the shopping process.

Mini Self-Checkout Stations (SCO):

Fygi's Mini SCO stations represent a key component of the Northland experience, offering customers the flexibility to complete their purchases autonomously. Equipped with intuitive scanning functionality and menu selection options.

Seamless Integration with EG's retail platform:

Fygi seamlessly integrated its technology with EG's retail platform, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across all the Northland operation. This integration optimizes efficiency and facilitates real-time data synchronization, enabling Reitan Convenience to monitor and manage transactions in existing systems.


Through Fygi's collaborative partnership with Reitan Convenience, Northland has successfully redefined the convenience shopping. By leveraging technology, Northland delivers a seamless, frictionless retail experience. The integration of Fygi's Scan & Pay and Mini SCO solutions, coupled with seamless integration with EG's retail platform, has empowered Northland to achieve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Fygi is honored to partner with Reitan Convenience in bringing the Northland concept to fruition. As pioneers in technological innovation, we remain committed to advancing the boundaries of convenience retail, driving meaningful change, and shaping the future of the industry.

For more info please contact:

Niclas Kristiansen

Sales & marketing manager


Mini SCO - Grab & Go

Drinks from Kolonihagen in the Grab & Go section.

Photo: Leander Digerud

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